The day we all dread …..

The day we all dread is here,  Krisflyer finally gets devalued!  I was anticipating this back in 2015 while I was pooling my miles for my USA trip.  That didn’t happen fortunately.  2016 came and went and no news was good news.  Seems like 2017 is the year the chop will be happening (23 March 2017 to be exact).


The bad news, no more 15% and amount of miles will be heading north.  For ex-Singapore, the amount of miles (not counting the 15% discount) remains the same until Zone 9 where the amount of miles start to move upwards

Zone 9 : 55/75 –> 58/80

Zone 10 : (Africa / Middle east – remains the same)

Zone 11 : 80/107.5 –> 85/115

Zone 12 : 80/107.5 –> 88/118

Zone 13 : 85/110 –> 92/120

Seems like Europe and and USA is taking the biggest hit


The good? no more YQ.  This will at least softens the blow.

Hopefully, this will translate into better availability for redemption


Well, this shall be an incentive for me to enjoy my SQ26/SQ11/SQ631 even more in June 😦


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