KL836 Business Class (DPS-SIN)

After 5 days in Bali, it is time to head home.  Unfortunately, I was sick for half of my trip hence I didn’t take much pictures for this flight.

I arranged a private transfer from Club Med to Ngurah Rai Airport which took about half an hour.  The new airport looked much cleaner and organized, but the efficiency somehow failed to catch up.  We were dropped off at the departure gate and proceeded to the counter.  Unlike most airports where the check in counters are in the public area, DPS airport has its check-in counters behind a security screen.  There will be a security officer inspecting your passports and your belongings need to go through an x-ray machine before being allowed into the check in counters.

On arrival, there was a very long line for the common queue.  We used the Sky Priority line and were attended to immediately.  Unfortunately, the agent handling our check in was a little slow (he looked new and he was probably overwhelmed checking in 6 person together).  He took almost half an hour to check in 4 luggage, issue 6 boarding pass and manually writing 6 lounge invitation cards.  I felt sorry for the people behind us but hey, there is nothing I could do if he was slow!  By the time he was done, the common queue’s crowd has since dispersed.

After getting our boarding passes, we went ahead with another round of security check for our carry-on’s before the immigration counters.  However, there wasn’t any special line for premium class passengers.  However, the queue from the security clearance to after immigration took us only 15 – 20 minutes which in my opinion wasn’t too bad.


After immigration, we headed to the Premier Lounge (the contracted lounge for KLM).  The lounge wasn’t too crowded at 6pm (considering that it is also a Priority Pass Lounge).  I will have a separate post on the Bali Premier Lounge in another post.  As Garuda Lounge was nearby, I tried to see if I could access it using KLM’s Business Class boarding pass (I was allowed to use HKG’s CX lounge traveling on MH J and similarly I was able to access PEK’s CA lounge traveling on SQ J).  Seems like Skyteam does not have similar arrangement as I was denied access.  I did not pursue it further as I wasn’t feeling well.


Date: 9 June 2016

Flight: KL836

Plane: Boeing 777-300ER (PH-BVC)

Photo taken: iPhone 6+

Seats: 2G/2J/3G/3J/4G/4J

Duration: 2 hours 19 minutes


We boarded the plane at about 8:00pm and we managed to bypass the long queue using the priority line.  Once on board, we went to our seats (same set of seats as the previous leg).  This time, we were on a slightly older 777-300ER (PH-BVC) using the regular KLM livery.

The cabin and hardware were the same as what I described in my previous post on KL835.  Similarly, no blankets were available in seat, no amenity kits were given but both my kids were given a small kid’s pack.


Boarding process was pretty similar to our previous flight but was no less chaotic.  We were given welcome drinks (but I later found out from my wife that both my in-laws did not get any drinks at all!).  IFE was accessible the moment we boarded but this time, 3 out of 6 of the IFE’s were not working!  As my in laws were tired, they were ok without the IFE but my daughter had to move to 4F.  My headphone was only partially functioning but thankfully, I managed to get a spare.

The plane departed on time (thankfully) and we were on our way to SIN.  Once the seat belt sign was turned off, the crew immediately prepared for meal service.  This time, they did not forget the hot towels.  There were 2 choices of main, but by the time it got to my boy (seated at 4G), only the spicy beef was available.  After some searching, the crew gave my boy one of the crew meal (which was a non spicy chicken meal).


Meals were presented in a similar manner (all 3 courses given simultaneously on a tray) with coffee/tea and pralines coming after the tray has been cleared.

Last, but not least – more Delft Houses!



We reached Singapore airspace way ahead of schedule, resulting in the plane having to circle around Bintan Island before we were given the clearance for landing.  Upon landing, we had to stay on the taxiway for almost 10 minutes before the plane was finally parked.


I will definitely take this flight again at $399.  Although a discounted ticket, this return journey brought in 2600 miles.  Flying Blue earning avenue in Singapore is definitely not as extensive, but they are a transfer partner for Citibank cards.




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