Citibank Prestige Card

I shall switch my focus to credit card for today’s post.  Citibank Prestige card is one of the best card for miles earning with many benefits that come with the card.  It may not be the best card if we are to judge it based on the number of miles earned on spending alone (that accolade belongs to ANZ Travel card, among general consumer cards).

It used to earn 1.4 miles per dollar (converted from 3.5 Citidollar per $1 spent) but this amount was reduced earlier this year to 1.3 miles per dollar (equivalent to 3.25 Citidollar per $1).  The overseas earning remains at 2 miles per dollar (equivalent to 5 Citidollar per $1)  while some shopping (e.g. DFS Galleria and Club 21) gives a whooping 4 miles per dollar!

What I like about this card is the benefits that come along with it.  These are:

  • sign up gift : 25,000 miles OR tablet OR smart watch
  • card renewal gift of 25,000 miles upon payment of $535 annual fee
  • unlimited airport lounge access (via Priority Pass program) – this is a step up from few years ago where one is only given 4 access per year
  • complimentary airport transfer (bi-directional possible, but each direction will be considered one redemption) : 4x per year (or 2 per quarter) – with SGD $1,500 spent per quarter (in foreign currency ONLY)
  • 4th night free on hotel booking (this is done via Prestige Concierge) – I have utilized this during my recent USA trip (here and here)
  • Complimentary SPG Gold membership for 1 year (with 1 qualifying stay in Asia Pacific SPG property)
  • Complimentary access to JetQuay (from November 2015 to October 2016) – only 75 user per month (something I found out only on 27 December 2015)

For more benefits, do refer here


So are there any disadvantages? Well, there are.  For one, the annual fee cannot be waived.  At $535, this is indeed steep (though not the most expensive).  However, one will get 25,000 miles (which translates to 2.14 cents per mile, not the best value) and the Priority Pass Prestige program itself cost USD $399!.

For those with multiple Citibank cards using Citidollar denomination, the Citidollars will not be pooled and conversion from each card cost $25.  However, one can always try to call Citibank to request for transfer of Citidollars (no guarantee of success though).


Is this a good card to get?  YES, if you are into miles collection and don’t mind paying the annual fee.  For those not able to accumulate sufficient miles to be in the game or not able to pay the annual fee then the answer is NO.


*Disclaimer – I received no benefits/payments from Citibank for this post and neither do I get any referral bonus from them.





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