Missisauga ALT Hotel

Date: 18 to 19 November 2015

Price: SGD $160 (inclusive of tax)

Type of room: Queen Room

Inclusive: None


We had to stay overnight in Pearson as our flight to Los Angeles the following day (AC791) departs at 8:00 am.  With the US Border pre-clearance in Toronto, I had to make sure we arrive in Pearson by 5:30 am.  There are many hotels around Pearson but the 2 most convenient hotels are Sheraton Gateway (at Terminal 3) and ALT Hotel at Viscount Station.

I was planning on Sheraton initially but after factoring the cost and looking at the reviews of both hotels on Tripadvisor, I decided on ALT.  Sheraton is convenient (especially during mid-winter) as the hotel is connected to the terminal via an enclosed link way.  ALT on the other hand has no enclosed or sheltered walkway to the Viscount Station.  However, the distance between the station and the hotel is a mere 150 to 200 metres.


ALT hotel is more like a boutique hotel.  It is not very big and it only offers 2 types of room, Standard 1 Queen and Standard 2 Queen rooms.  The price difference between both is very marginal but I could only get the room with 1 Queen (it is about 100 square feet smaller).  At ground floor, there is a café which serves pre-packed food and beverages (not unlike food sold in 7-Eleven) with heating up option.  However, cutleries and plate are provided for those who chooses to dine in.  Alcoholic beverages are available too and there is live music too!  There is a small lounge area with TV showing flight information.


The room is not very big at only about 250 square feet.  I barely had much walking space after laying down both my luggage.  The design is simple yet modern.  It came equipped with a queen-sized bed, a large 42” LCD TV and a coffee maker (with complimentary coffee).  Neither a wardrobe nor a safe box is provided in the room.  The bathroom is clean and spacious.  Instead of providing bottled shampoo and soap, there is a dispenser in the shower cubicle.


We did not explore the hotel much as we were too tired from our journey from Niagara and we had to wake up at 4:30 am the following day.  We went to sleep before 9:00 pm.


Overall, ALT hotel is an exceptional value for money option for those needing to stay in Pearson for early morning flight the following day (or arriving into Pearson late at night).  It cost way less than Sheraton but it is in no way inferior.


Value: 5*

Location: 4*

Comfort: 4*

Cleanliness: 5*


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