A Tale of 3 Lounges


  • Qantas Business Class Lounge, Changi Terminal 1



As Malaysia Airlines no longer maintains a Golden Lounge in Changi Airport, the lounge service has been contracted to SATS premium lounge.  As Malaysia Airlines is now part of the One World Alliance, I would recommend one to hop over to Terminal 1 to try out either Qantas Business Lounge or British Airways Executive Lounge (both are just next to each other).  One does not need to be a tiered member to access the lounge (something which Garuda quoted to stop me from using GA lounge in DPS while flying on KLM J).


The lounge is very spacious, and at 5pm it wasn’t very crowded.  There is a large dining section and a separate lounge section.  Shower facilities are available too.  The buffet spread wasn’t extensive (compared to Silverkris Lounge), it has a mixture of salad, soup and hot food.  Tea and coffee are available and so is alcohol.  There is an ala carte cooked to order menu, but it has only 2 items.  The Nasi Lemak wasn’t too bad (I would have preferred a spicier sambal).



QF J lounge is definitely a nice lounge to chill out before flight, but food selection isn’t fantastic.  I shall compare it with SATS premier lounge when I fly back to KUL in February 2017 (and hopefully BA J Lounge).



  • Malaysia Airlines Golden Lounge, Satellite Terminal KLIA



This is the flagship lounge of Malaysia Airlines and it is far from inspiring.  It was renovated 3 years ago hence the lounge still looked pretty new.  Getting to the lounge can be a little tricky as both times I got lost in the satellite terminal (the terminal is in a + layout, you have a 1 in 4 chance to find the correct corner).


The lounge is very spacious, with both dining and lounge section.  Food selection however was lacklustre for a flagship lounge!  Choices are limited (for both hot and cold items).  There is a noodle bar (similar to that in the Regional Lounge) and it serves both noodle and Laksa.  The Laksa however is rotated on a weekly basis (not all Laksa are available at one time).  I had curry Laksa en-route to ICN and Johor Laksa on the way back to Singapore.  The Laksa was probably one of the few plus point of the lounge.  There is a small bar section that serves alcohol.  I did not get to see what champagne was served but I thought it tasted more like sparkling wine.



Shower facilities are available and the lounge has a mobile charging cabinet.  There is also a spa that offers massage service (also an AYER spa, also available in Regional Lounge).    Despite many medium haul / LHR flights depart at night, the lounge wasn’t too crowded.


  • Korean Airlines Business Class Lounge, International Terminal Incheon Airport



This is probably one of the most underwhelming Business Class Lounge I have been into.  As MAS doesn’t maintain a lounge in Incheon, the lounge service is handled by KAL.  The lounge is very bare and food selection was bad.  There is a small section for cold and hot food with very little choices, bread corner and cup noodles.  Both hot and cold beverages were available and so is alcohol.   The lounge however was very bright with a good view for plane spotting.  I had some trouble getting photos of the lounge as the staff tried to stop me from taking pictures.


Despite being at home base, the KAL J Lounge offers no more than just a seat while waiting for your flight.  Even the small Silverkris Lounge in Incheon was much better than this.  KAL J lounge is also part of the Priority Pass lounge network.



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