The Haven by Jetquay Lounge

The Haven by Jetquay is a lounge located in the arrival hall of Terminal 3.  This is one of the partner lounge of Priority Pass and unlike the other lounges in Changi Airport, this lounge is actually located on the landside!  This allows one to access it even without the need of a boarding pass.  This lounge will come in useful for those who:

  • Has a Priority Pass Card (especially those who has an unlimited entry card)
  • Need a place to laze around while waiting for a flight
  • For those who arrives in Changi Airport at a horrible timing (e.g. visitors into Singapore arriving on SQ15, SQ11 etc) and need a place to spend overnight

The lounge is located towards the end of Terminal 3 and it is quite inconspicuous.  The lounge itself is not very big.  It consists of lounging area, a small dining area with snack counter, a coffee machine and a small business area with 4 PC.  The lounge has shower facilities and for those willing to pay extra, there is a nap room as well.


Using Priority Pass card, one gets up to 3 hours of lounge usage (including shower).  Included in the entry is one order of hot food (which takes about 15 to 20 minutes to prepare).  The food taste OK, nothing great but I can’t complain given that it is free.  Other food items available are mainly snacks, bread and some dessert.  Beverages are limited only to soft drink, juices and coffee & tea.  Alcoholic beverages are available for additional purchase.


This lounge comes in very handy for people like myself who doesn’t like to roam around the airport while waiting and want a quiet place to sit, away from the hustle and bustle of the airport crowd.  Some credit cards such as HSBC Visa Infinite, Standard Chartered Visa Infinite and Citibank Prestige comes with an unlimited entry Priority Pass.  For those whose card comes with a limited entry (e.g. DBS Altitude, Citibank Premier Miles etc.), this lounge may not be worthwhile to waste an entry for.


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