QR40 First Class (CDG-DOH)

The emergence of Airbus A380 opened up many possibilities for airlines to configure their planes, once impossible.  We have Singapore Airlines with their Suites, Etihad with their Residence and Apartment and Emirates with their on board shower.  These special classes can be configured to be on either level 1 or 2 (although Airbus prefers it to be on level 2).  Qatar houses its First Class cabin on the upper deck, with only 8 seats.  It has a very generous 83” pitch but with only 23” of width.  Unlike Singapore Airlines / Emirates or Etihad, Qatar Airways uses open suite.  They have an on-board bar in between First and Business Class cabin (this is not something unique and is available on both Emirates and Etihad A380).


For this flight, I chose seat 1A.  There are no overhead compartments (possibly to for more overhead clearance), hence my carry-on luggage was stored in a side wardrobe.  The flight attendant was nice enough to help me with it.  I was then offered a welcome drink which include choices of water, lime cocktail and Joghurt Drink.  I chose the Joghurt with still water.  Amenity kit was provided on this flight.  Next, we were given choices of either Hot or Cold towel.  This is interesting as most airlines will provide either one only (mostly hot).  After the welcome drink, I was served a cup of Arabic Coffee with date.


Right after take-off, drinks were served just before meal service started.  I chose the Krug Grande Cuvee.



Here is a list of the drinks offered on First Class:


For meal, I chose the following:

  • For starter, I had the Oscietra Caviar
  • Next was Amuse Bouche, which was two small grilled spiced chicken cubes served with dip
  • Instead of soup, I chose a second starter which was shrimp on soba
  • For the main, I tried the Arabic “chicken rice”. The exact name on the menu is “Arabic Spiced Chicken Breast with Machboos Sauce”
  • The dessert was Godiva chocolate and green tea


Once the meal service is done, cabin lights were dimmed.  While most passengers in First Class chose to sleep, I decided to spend some time in the bar.



As the First Class is on the upper deck, it utilizes the large forward toilet of the A380.  This is probably the most spacious toilet of the whole A380.



One hour before landing, I tried the Arabic Mezze.



Despite a full cabin, the flight attendants had been very pleasant, helpful and very quick to respond.  I never had to wait for more than 30 seconds whenever I press the call button.


Qatar Airways First Class is definitely an excellent cabin complemented by excellent services provided by the crew.


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