TS8788 Economy Class (YVR-YYC)

This would be my first time in Air Transat (and also my first Economy Class for this trip).  I had a few options flying into Calgary (for my trip to Banff and Lake Louise) and Air Transat was the cheapest (at about $165 per person including seat selection and one piece of luggage).  The drawback is the departure time at 915am.  For a domestic flight, this wasn’t too bad.  I left my hotel from Downtown Vancouver at 730am and we reached the airport at about 755am.  After checking in and going through security check, we reach the gate at about 830am (which was almost time for boarding).  I could have used my Priority Pass card for access to Plaza Premium Lounge.  After a full breakfast and the time in hand, I decided not to utilize it.


Our flight was operated on a Boeing 737-800.  The first 3 rows are Club seats (similar to Club Europe with the middle seat being blocked off, but without the armrest and cup holder).  Those in the club seats were served snacks and drinks while those of us at the back were given only a cup of water.  After a heavy breakfast in the hotel, I was ok not to eat for such a short flight.

The flight was pretty empty, hence both of us managed to get 3 seats for ourselves.  The width and the pitch of the seat is pretty standard.  It wasn’t comfortable for my height but it wasn’t an issue for me for such a short flight.


We left the gate promptly and we managed to reach Calgary way ahead of schedule.  We ended up waiting on the tarmac for close to 10 minutes while waiting for a gate assigned to us.


The flight was fairly straightforward, no frill almost like Air Asia or Jetstar for travel within South East Asia.  For $40-50 more, one can take a later flight at 11+ am on Air Canada.  As it takes 2 hours to go from Calgary to Banff, I personally prefer the earlier flight so as to maximize my time in Banff.



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