MH619 Business Class (KUL-SIN)


My final leg for my October trip was my KUL-SIN flight on MH619.  I bought this flight as a return flight from KUL and it cost me about $203 (not a bad price for a J return tickets).


Malaysia Airlines flights are operated from KLIA (instead of KLIA2) and this is a much welcomed arrangement (after my arrival in KLIA2 on Air Asia X, I dread going through KLIA2 again).  Check in was brisk as there is a separate counter for Business Class check in.  A mini lounge for Business Class check in is available but the counter was closed.


Upon checking in, I was issued an immigration fast pass.  This allowed me to use the express immigration lane.  It was not very useful as the immigration counters were quite empty in the afternoon.



After going through security screening, I proceeded to MAS’ Regional Golden Lounge.  KLIA has 2 terminals – Main terminal, which serves mainly regional flights (operated on 737-800) and Satellite terminal (which serves medium and long haul flights).  There is another Golden Lounge in Satellite terminal, a much bigger lounge with a separate First Class section.  I will review this lounge next month when I will be flying on MAS to ICN.


The lounge was fairly empty when I arrived.  It is quite a spacious lounge (not as big as the Satellite Lounge) with a dining section, lounging section and a business centre.  Food selection wasn’t great but quality was acceptable.  There is a noodle bar which prepares a nice bowl of curry laksa.  The lounge has shower rooms for those who wish to refresh themselves.  There is a massage corner offering massage service (extra charges apply).


The lounge is pretty bright offering a good view of the tarmac.  Being a regional terminal, you will only get to see 737-800.  If you look further, you will get to see bigger planes (parked at the satellite terminal).



Soon, it was time for boarding.  I got to the gate about 10 minutes before boarding commenced.

Date : 14 October

Flight : MH619

Plane : Boeing 737-800 (9M-MXX)

Photo taken : iPhone 6s

Duration : 1 hour


I will be flying on a pretty new 737-800.  9M-MXX is a 2 year old plane but unfortunately the J seats have no personal IFE.  J cabin was half full (8/16) but Y cabin seems full (almost).  After boarding, drinks were served (choice of juices, including MH’s signature guava juice).  Most of MH’s regional flights have turned dry, hence no alcohols were available.

After about 10 minutes delay, we were on our way.  After a straightforward take off, refreshment service commenced.  2 meal choices were available, Chicken Murtabak with Dhal curry and Vegetarian Lasagna.  I chose the murtabak.   The serving was small (but more than adequate after a full meal in the lounge) and comes with a choice of drink, peanuts and a praline.


Soon, announcement was made for our arrival and our trays were duly cleared.  We landed smoothly in Changi Airport Terminal 2.  As I disembarked, I had a buggy waiting for me as part of the JetQuay Arrival service (complimentary from Citi Prestige).  On arrival in JetQuay terminal, there is a dedicated immigration counter which caters only for JetQuay passengers.  There is a concierge who retrieved my luggage (and it came within 5 minutes of my arrival in the terminal).  While waiting for the luggage and transport, one is free to utilize the food and beverage service (which is minimal at best but I have written about it here).

For those who are taking Uber / Grab, be prepared to wait a little longer as many drivers are unaware of the presence of JetQuay Terminal.  Otherwise, the arrival service is a blessing after a long trip as one will not need to queue for immigration clearance and your luggage will be taken care for you while you enjoy the food and drinks in the lounge.


I credited my miles into BA Avios (instead of American AAdvantage) to take advantage of the BA Avios family miles pooling.  Moreover, Avios is a Citibank transfer partner (unlike AAdvantage).  This trip racked up 40 Tier Points (and 260 Avios Miles), which is better than AAdvantage which only offered 100% miles (from 125% previously).



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