ANA Suites Lounge Narita Airport

Another article from CHC, this time on ANA Suites Lounge in Narita Airport which is the First Class Lounge for Star Alliance.


Review of ANA suites lounge

Transit time 1h45m


Wanting to have a shower before the next leg to LAX, we were prepared to quickly deplane once the plane had taxied and parked at the gate. However, thanks to a fairly sticky security chap, I ended up needing to take off the belt, remove my shoes, remove my wallet and be patted down. Doh? Luckily, none of the suite class passengers opted to have a shower, so it didn’t matter in the end.


The ANA suites lounge is located on the 4th floor, which is the same level as which you would clear security from and hence the lounge is just a 10second walk from security. The business class lounge is on the 3rd (or was it 2nd?!) floor and requires more walking. RE-Boarding was from level 2.


In any case, the ANA suite lounge has 2 separate shower rooms. You deposit your boarding pass in exchange for a key and some Shiseido branded toiletries. If you ask me, it looks really cheapskate and no different from a house brand haha.


The shower itself is utilitarian, with a place to put your luggage and some hooks to hang your clothes. There are towels and combs/shavers etc. For those who want to save their gift bath set, there are one time use sachets of Shiseido shampoo, bath oil , cleanser in the shower for use. For those who don’t know Japs, they have this contraption called a bidet in the shower as well. The shower pressure was good and warm water was consistent.


The lounge itself would appeal to plane spotters with a 180 degree panoramic view of the tarmac. Upon entry to the lounge proper, I was greeted and offered a hot towel and a drink. As I was full from the lunch, I took a water and declined to eat. But for those with bottomless pits as their stomach, the lounge boasts a wide range of food, including a make to order stand where one can order a range of food including Jap curries, spaghetti, burgers, ramen, soba etc. The buffet also offers hot food, a salad bar, drinks including alcohol like sake and snacks/finger food.



The lounge also has a quiet room, business room and smokers corner (outdoor), but no one seemed to be using them.


The lounge was busy when we arrived, probably as all SA first class and ANA premium class passengers also use the lounge, but never did it feel overcrowded. Once seated, the lounge hostess would offer a refreshing towel and offer to get a drink. But that is about it, as they’ll leave you to your own devices once they have done this.


WIFI was good and quick, and available in all spots of the lounge, with even quite a fair bit of leak to the departure gates!


I found the lounge to be comfortable and utilitarian, but did not ooze any warmth or luxury. Plane spotters would be most at home here though, with great unobstructed views of the tarmac.


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