Next up? Bali

My family and I will be doing a short trip to Bali in June, on KLM.

KLM to Bali is a 5th freedom flight from AMS; hence it is actually a AMS-SIN-DPS and DPS-SIN-AMS flight.  It is a daily flight:

KL835 – departs Singapore at 1650 and arrives Denpasar at 1925

KL836 – departs Denpasar at 2040 and arrives Singapore at 2320


The timing may be bad, but the price is excellent!  I bought my tickets in Feb 2016 at $567 per adult (inclusive of YQ and Denpasar Airport Passenger Service Charge) – but during a price check for the purpose of this post, the price came down to just $399 (all in)!  Thankfully, my old ticket was a fully flexible ticket, hence I was able to cancel it with no cost and re-book myself on the same flight at SGD $1k lower!  This is definitely much more worth it than Economy Class at $257 – $303.

From the fare calender, $399 is available up till 30/6 after which price goes back up to $567.  Fot those who wants to travel to Bali, this is definitely a very good price (business class at $399!).


KLM uses the 777-300ER on the AMS-SIN-DPS route, hence most of the plane uses the old World Business Class seats (forward facing 2-3-2 configuration with angled lie-flat seats).  KLM is progressively upgrading their fleet to the newer 2-2-2 180 degree lie-flat seats, hence which plane you get depends on your luck.


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