SA8651 Economy Class (CPT-SZK)

More reviews from CHC from his recent South African getaway.

This domestic flight was taken as part of my South African adventure after the completion of my visit to Cape Town and its surroundings. Slated as a 2 hour 30 min flight, I was told (and read) that domestic flights are notorious for cancelled and delayed flights but I was pleasantly surprised by a good traveling experience. 

As it was a small plane, it was parked on the tarmac where passengers had to board via a bus transfer from the boarding gates and a short walk. Boarding was from the aft as it is a single door , narrow body plane. Seating was in a 1-2, only Y configuration. My seat had been pre-booked by my agent so we got the best seats 3B/3C, as row 1 only had 1 seat (1A) and row 2 is the emergency bulkhead seats which the airline declined to sell. (Or maybe nobody wanted to pay extra). Seat pitch and width looked similar to most Y seats to me. Only 1 lavatory was available at the stern. 


Pushback was early and takeoff was on time, despite visibility dropping due to the approach of a cold front. We were glad to miss the bad weather as our last 5 days was sunny and brilliant! 

The solo flight attendant quickly dispensed with the formalities and safety advice and once we were at cruising altitude – started lunch service. There was a choice of beef and chicken and I chose the beef. A variety of beverages were available including red / white wine. Most passengers opted to skip the meal, but I decided I would try it so as to be able to write this review (haha). Meal was nothing spectacular but edible, as the pasta was cold. 

The front pocket contained a Skyways magazine which helped pass some time. A sick bag and the safety information card made up the remaining content. 

Even though the captains pre flight announcement suggested that we may encounter turbulence enroute, the flight was smooth and generally cloud free (after the takeoff) , allowing expansive views of the South African plains and mountains. 

We arrived ahead of time due to favourable winds and weather, and touched down uneventfully in Skukuza where a further 75 minute drive to our safari lodge awaited us. 


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