OD 807 Business Class (KUL-SIN) and KLIA Premier Access Lounge

Check in

I booked this trip as a one way ticket as I missed out on Malaysia Airline’s promo return Business Class ticket which I usually get.  I looked around and found Malindo’s promo ticket at RM 590 (all inclusive) for 2 to Singapore.  This worked out to be only SGD $95 per person on Business Class which I feel is a steal!

Lounge ticket



I set my expectation fairly low for this flight although I have read some good reviews about Malindo.  One downside for Malindo Business Class is the lack of a dedicated lounge in KLIA.  Malindo was previously based in KLIA2 and they have a lounge there.  Since moving to KLIA in 2016, they have yet to get their own lounge.  Business class travelers have 2 options:

  • Premier Access Lounge
  • RM 30 worth of voucher for food in Starbucks / Old Town White Coffee (with 1 or 2 other restaurants in Satellite building)


Premier Access Lounge

Premier Access Lounge is a small lounge within KLIA which unfortunately is located landside.  This is not an issue for those flying out from Main Building but for those flying out of Satellite Building, do prepare time to get to your gate.  Fortunately, Business Class traveler gets to use the VIP Immigration lane that is reserved for Business Class and First Class flyers.

Premier Access Lounge is very small but yet they still maintain a lounge and a dining section.  It is located very near the departure gate making it easier to get to your gate.  There is a small selection of food (which was not too bad) and a coffee machine.  There are no toilets in the lounge.

For those preferring better food, you can opt to use the voucher for RM 30 worth of food in the cafes.  Food will definitely be better, but you may not get any seats during peak hours.


Once we are done, we moved on to our departure gate.  Our flight departs from Main Building so there is no need to utilize the Sky train.  There is no separate queue for Business Class.  Boarding was also a little haphazard as there was no announcement for priority boarding for Business Class passengers.


an MH 737-800 with retro livery!


Malindo uses mainly 737-800 for their regional flights and there are 12 Business Class seats (vs. 16 in Malaysia Airlines).  The plane was very new, seats were clean and comfortable.  It has the same width (and likely pitch) as that of MAS’ 737-800.  The seat is manually controlled and it even features an extendable foot rest.  There is a groove on the inter-seat armrest which is useful to store your mobile phone.

Welcome drink was served before departure and another round was served after take-off.  Food was served for the short flight (consist of a muffin and a slice of pizza which was quite good!).  The flight was on time and uneventful.  Malindo operates out of Changi Airport Terminal 3.


Overall, I would not hesitate to take Malindo for the SIN-KUL sector (or even beyond KUL) as they represent a very good value in their Business Class.  Things will be better once they have their own lounge in KLIA.  For those holding on to One world membership, MAS Business Promo ticket is still worth the extra price as the KUL-SIN sector earns you 40 tier points!


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