Al Mourjan Business Class Lounge Doha


This lounge is the highlight of Qatar Airway’s Business Class Lounge in Doha.  This lounge is specifically for Business Class passengers traveling on Qatar Airways only (and also QR elite members traveling on QR birds). There is a separate Business Class Lounge for OneWorld Business Class passengers.


The lounge is very large and spans 2 floors.  The lounge makes Terminal 3 Silverkris Lounge looks miniscule in comparison.  The lounge is nicely decorated and brightly lit.  The highlight of the lounge is the fountain and the spiral staircase leading up to the main restaurant with the giant chandelier.


In the past, the restaurant in level 2 serves both buffet and ala carte items.  Cost cutting measures unfortunately ruled the day and the ala carte items have since been removed.  There are still ample buffet items for selection.  As the lounge is pretty busy, getting a seat may be tough (especially for my party of 6).  Fortunately, there is a separate family room that caters for group travelers.  There are 2 separate drink counters to, one in the main area and one in the family room.


The first floor is catered mainly for resting.  There are many different sections available for lounging (with a separate smoking area).  There are also snack and drink stations in some corners of the lounge.  On the other end of the lounge is a second restaurant that serves mainly ala carte sandwiches (with a small buffet counter).


Al Mourjan has a very nice ambience and is huge, but getting a place to sit especially during the peak hours can be tough (if you have a large group).  Food selection is average (I certainly cannot make any comparison with the past) but they have a fairly large drink selection at the bar.


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