Hakone Yoshino Pax Hotel


This hotel / ryokan was booked as part of my 2D/1N Mount Fuji and Hakone tour.  I had initially wanted to book another ryokan which is only 3 minute walk from Yumoto station but alas, I was too late.  Yoshino is about 10 minute from Yumoto station which is alright if you are traveling light.  Put in 2 -3 luggage coupled with narrow roads and rain, getting there can be a challenge.  Fortunately, there is a regular shuttle to the hotel that cost 100 Yen per person.  However, it only operate 2 trips per hour.  Getting all your luggage onto the crowded bus can be a challenge as well!


The hotel is situated next to a river, away from major traffic.  It is fairly big with many choices of room.  I booked one which has both Western style bed and Japanese style tatami.  The room also comes with a private bath which you can soak in while enjoying the mountainous view.  The room is fairly large, with a separate bath and toilet.  A traditional safe box (one that uses a key) is available and complimentary tea and coffee is provided.  Small towel (for use in onsen) and yukata are provided in the room too.


Dining room is available in level 2 and for those with dinner plan, the Japanese style dinner is served here.  It is a kaiseki set menu which was fairly good.  Breakfast is also served here comprising a mix of Japanese and International fare.  The dining room itself is fairly large and can accommodate many people.  Dinner service may be a little slow though.


Kaiseiki Dinner

Buffet Breakfast


The main attraction of the hotel is the onsen of course.  This hotel has 7 pools, of which only 4 are public pools.  These 4 are divided into 2 rooms (one for male and one for female) and it gets changed periodically (to allow users of both gender to enjoy all the 4 pools).  The remaining 3 pools are for private charter.  It is typical for Japanese onsen to be gender segregated as one has to be fully naked to be in the pool.  Compared to the onsen I tried in Hokkaido, this onsen does not provided any water station within the changing room and there are no additional towels provided inside).  For those who looking for a relaxing massage, there is a massage service available.  Massage chairs are also available in the changing room (FOC)


Other facilities in the hotel include karaoke, pub and table tennis.  Beyond the ryokan, one can explore the small town of Hakone.  IF you have time, I would recommend getting a Hakone Free Pass which include:

  • Hakone-Tozan railway (Hydrangea express)
  • Hakone cable car
  • Hakone ropeway
  • Pirate ship on lake Ashi
  • Local bus going back to Hakone town

Beyond Hakone, you can explore further to Gotambe (which has an outlet mall) or  even further to Mount Fuji!


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