LAX Crowne Plaza Hotel

After the highlight which was Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise, it was time to leave Canada.  Our next stop was Tokyo but unfortunately the flight out of LAX is pretty early at 10am.  Hence, a night’s stay in LAX cannot be avoided.  One thing I dislike about airports in USA is that there are no hotels connected to the airport.  This make transit in USA rather tedious as one has to take another transport from the airport to the hotel.


I initially booked LAX Holiday Inn which was reasonably priced and it came with free breakfast.  The drawback was that you need to call in to the hotel to arrange for the shuttle bus.  In the end, I switched over to LAX Crowne Plaza as it offered regular round-the-clock shuttle service.  Arriving at 10pm into LAX, I just want to get to the hotel ASAP and not having to trouble myself calling the hotel.


LAX terminal 6 was fairly busy even at 1030pm.  Thankfully, my luggage came out pretty fast and we waited for only 5 to 7 minutes before the shuttle came.  There are many shuttles that serve different hotels in LAX so do be careful and not get onto the wrong bus.


We reached the hotel at almost 11pm and despite it was not busy with 2 person handling the check in, I had to wait a good 10 minutes for my turn.  This was despite me being the only person waiting and next in line.  Check in was pretty straight forward and I was given a room in level 3.

I booked for a room with king bed, but I was given one with 2 twin.  I did not bother to make a fuss as it was already 1130pm, we were tired from the long journey from Lake Louise and we have a plane to catch the next day at 10am.

The room was fairly spacious.  There is a fridge in the room but you have to call to request for a kettle.  Bath room was rather small and the bathtub was slightly choked making drainage a little slow.  Amenity kit was provided.

Despite being near LAX, we hardly heard any noise from the airport.


As I had access to the lounge in LAX, I opted for a room without breakfast.  Check out was done much quicker and we got onto the shuttle bus as it was waiting at the hotel when I completed my check out.

Given a choice, I would probably give this hotel a miss but with the restriction I had from my itinerary, this is probably one of the best option I can get and not burn a hole in my pocket.


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