Radisson Blu Plaza Helsinki


Radisson Blu Plaza is situated very centrally in Helsinki.  It is within walking distance to the regional train station, the art museum is just a stone throw away and the esplanade and market hall is within walking distance.  During winter, the Christmas market is just around the corner.  Kamppi is just nearby; where the central bus station is situated in (it is a shopping centre too).  With such a strategic location, how did the hotel fare?


I booked the King room with an extra rolled out bed.  The room is spacious enough for the extra bed (would have been better without).  The bed is pretty comfortable with nice soft down feather pillows.  The usual amenities (kettle and fridge are available).  Room cleanliness was fairly good.  The toilet however was pretty small and narrow.  It can be quite a challenge to navigate the toilet.  Shampoo and shower gel are provided but again, toothbrush and toothpaste are not.


Our room was situated at level 7, facing away from the main street.  One unique feature of this hotel is the room number.  Instead of a plaque on the door (or the wall), a light is shone on the floor to indicated the number (one will surely not miss it).  The colour of the light can be adjusted; green for available while red is for do not disturb.

View from the room


The breakfast is one of the hotel’s best features and I would strongly suggest that you opt for the breakfast if you do stay there.  The selection is pretty good with fairly ample hot food selection.  One interesting feature the restaurant has is the juice mixer (that is controlled by a tablet).  The other feature of the restaurant is their vitamin C booster that is dispensed by the waitress every morning.


Staff were generally friendly and approachable (especially the doorman during our stay).  He would remind us to take the hotel umbrella (available at the counter) with us due to the unpredictable nature of the Helsinki winter (snow and shower came fairly suddenly during our stay there).


The price is not cheap, but for the location and the breakfast provided I would say it is reasonable.  I would certainly recommend it for its location.


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