AY412 Economy Class (KAJ-HEL)


AY412 would be my first turboprop plane in over 30 years!  The last time (and also my first) was back in 1986 on a Fokker-27 (which was not something I was fond about).  I vaguely recalled the flight being almost like a roller coaster.

ATR-72 is a completely different bid from what Fokker-27 was.  Although small and flying in the winter, the plane was fairly steady.  The plane is single cabin and configured in a 2-2 seating.

Similar to my previous flight to Rovaniemi, food can be purchased on-board but non-canned beverages are provided FOC.

One board the plane from the rear, hence I would suggest to select the rear seats rather than the front seats.  However with only 72 person at max capacity, one will get to deplane fairly quickly.

The flight I was on unfortunately had no water supply from the sink.  Packets of hand wipes were placed in the sink for use.


It was a quick and uneventful flight.  Although small, the flight was fairly stable.  The only thing is the noise from the turboprop engine can be quite deafening.



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