That Time Of The Year 2017 – Part 2

With the conclusion of TTOTY Part 1, it is time to plan for TTOTY Part 2.  This will be the following route:


  1. SIN-KUL : Private ground transport
  2. KUL-DOH : QR849 (Airbus A330-200) Business Class
  3. DOH-HEL : QR303 (Boeing 787-8) Business Class
  4. HEL-RVN : AY533 (Airbus A321) Economy Class
  5. RVN-KAJ : VR Train
  6. KAJ-HEL : AY412 (ATR-72) Economy Class
  7. HEL-DOH : QR302 (Boeing 787-8) Business Class
  8. DOH-KUL : QR848 (Airbus A330-200) Business Class
  9. KUL-SIN : OD805 (Boeing 737-800) Business Class + Economy Class


I am hoping that there will be no deterioration in the Middlle East situation.




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